About Us

Grant Avenue Follies

Grant Avenue Follies brings to life the legacy of San Francisco Chinatown’s golden nightclub era (1940’s to 1970’s.)

Originally comprised of four retired dancers of the nightclubs, they were following doctor’s orders to exercise for improved physical health. The Follies rediscovered the sheer joy and freedom of dance and reconnected with their roots. They give performances to show “just because you’re retired, you don’t have to stay in your pajamas all day!”

The Follies enjoy a loyal following of seniors, many of whom frequented the Chinatown nightclubs such as the Forbidden City, the Sky Room and Shanghai Low.  Furthermore, the younger generation is also taking an interest in their unique place in San Francisco Chinatown’s history.

In 2021, the Follies wrote and performed the “Gai Mou Sou Rap” to stand against anti-Asian hate crimes. Their music video went viral, receiving international attention and was featured in many film festivals. The Follies have since appeared in Steve Harvey’s show, “Steve on Watch.” A collaboration with AARP led to another viral video, “That Lunar Cheer,” and a national TV appearance on Mario Lopez’s Access Daily Show. The new PBS arts + culture primetime documentary series, The Express Way with Dulé Hill will launch in April, 2024, featuring the Grant Avenue Follies.