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Excerpt from Glammas Wrap

Glammas Wrap is the Follies’ new music video. We’re raising funds to pay the videographers, seamstresses, photographers, lighting, editors, and props. Filming is scheduled to begin in the middle of August, and the music video will premiere in early October. The Follies’ first music video, Gai Mou Sou Rap (2021), went viral on the internet and got the Follies on the Steve Harvey Show. Now the Follies are teaming up with couture designer Colleen Quen and get all glammed up to affirm their sisterhood in a “wrap!” Written in Cantonese and English by the poet Clara Hsu, Glammas Wrap is a genuine Chinese-American collaborative creation that celebrates the richness of the Chinese American experience through language and fashion. Be a part of the giving community that cheers the Follies on! All donated funds will go to Clarion Performing Arts Center, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Clarion is the home of the Grant Avenue Follies and will be managing the funds. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Thank you so much!


Grant Avenue Follies brings to life the legacy of San Francisco Chinatown’s golden nightclub era.

Originally comprised of four professional dancers from San Francisco Chinatown’s nightclub culture of the 1950s and ‘60s, they were following doctor’s orders to exercise for improved physical health. the Follies rediscovered the sheer joy and freedom of dance and reconnected with their roots! Dance classes led to recitals and eventually requests to entertain seniors at various San Francisco Bay Area daycare facilities.

The Follies enjoys a loyal following of seniors, many of whom frequented the Chinatown nightclubs of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s such as the Forbidden City, the Sky Room and Shanghai Low.  However, Grant Avenue Follies has also seen its share of appreciation from “20-somethings” taking an interest in its unique roots in San Francisco Chinatown history.

Since the Grant Avenue Follies was formed they have had a robust schedule with performances at events and venues such as Gray Cabaret, On Lok Senior Health Services, Self Help for the Elderly, the VA Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital, Chinese Hospital fundraisers, Asian Perinatal Advocates, Asian Women Resource Center, Chinatown Badminton Club, Chinatown Opti-Ms. Club, Asian Pacific Islanders Festival 2006, St. Mary’s Day Care, San Francisco History Association, Cowell Theater, The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco and  American Vets Day at the Veterans Administration Nursing Home in Yountville, California.

Cynthia Yee

Cynthia Yee, founder of the Grant Avenue Follies, received the Jefferson Award for providing service to various communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Grant Avenue Follies has played a major role in entertaining and raising funds for senior citizens groups, including On Lok Senior Center of San Francisco. The Follies has been featured on KPIX 5 News, KTSF 26 Cantonese and Mandarin News, as well as in the San Francisco Chronicle, Chinese language newspapers, and Positive Thinking Magazine.