Murder at the Forbidden City Nightclub

Entertainment, glamour, intrigues, secrets, revenge and murder in 1960’s San Francisco Chinatown.

The Forbidden City Nightclub is humming with activities tonight. What’s behind the scene is more dramatic than the entertainment on stage. Hear the secrets and the gossips, stories that are made out of half truth, fake truth and nothing but untruth. Perhaps you can solve the mystery. But chances are, like so many cases in San Francisco Chinatown that has remained unsolved, this one will stump you for a long time!

Produced and performed by the Grant Avenue Follies, Murder at the Forbidden City Nightclub is going on its 4th season with a new script written by Clara Hsu. The play is based on C. Yim Gee’s Murder at the Dragon’s Den of the Forbidden City Nightclub conceived by Cynthia Yee.

2020 Performance dates: February 28, 29, at 8 pm; March 1 at 2 pm

Marleen Luke, Technical Advisor. 
Louise Owling, Light Board. 
Korene Tom, Sound. 
Lighting by Carson Duper.
Trailer for the 2019 performances. Video photos by Frank Revi.